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No-standard Machine Assembly Service
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No-standard Machine Assembly Service

We have over 10 years of experience for assembling machined parts in medical, commercial, automotive automatic machine equipment. In order to accomplish this, we developed a machine part assembly process that can tackle multiple activities in one operation. You will save both time and money if you choose our configure and completely assemble service for your project.

Our facility has assembled a wide range of custom automatic Machine by OEMs, such as cut-off machine, packing machine,xxxx etc.. For every machining assembly project, a customized assembling procedure is developed to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Turnkey jig and fixture production services include:

Manual Jig and Fixture MachiningChecking fixturesWelding fixturesInspection gauges/fixturesAssembly fixturesAutomation Equipment

Best Machining Assembly Services with Right Price.

We assemble custom products and help reduce your overall assembling cost based on your specifications. OEMs using our contract assembly services can lower their overall production costs as well as reduce lead-time to market. If you’re looking for a machining vendor that you can trust for high quality and on-time delivery, SANS is your best choice.

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