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Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an advanced machining process that relies on the precise application of electrical sparks to produce a desired part shape or finish. Wire EDM (WEDM) is a variation of the EDM machining method that is often used for cutting plates or forming ties, tools or punches from harder metals that are typically not conducive to standard machining processes.

Wire EDM is much more accurate than traditional machining, it uses a strand of wire as a cutting tool creates a linear line, and therefore Wire EDM services are commonly used to cut all of the way through the material. Wire EDM is best suited for projects that have intricate tolerances, material stress limitations, and/or surface finish requirements.

Micro Diameter EDM Holes With High Precision And Superior Edge Quality

Another area where SANS specializes is EDM blind and through hole drilling, we can provide micro hole and small hole EDM drilling services on complex parts.

Our dedicated CNC-operated EDM small hole drilling machine can produce holes as small as 0.2mm in some of the hardest conductive materials. When popping or drilling holes in fast or small holes, size and weight are rarely limited. By using the most advanced EDM generator technology and electrode materials, high-precision hole size, excellent hole edge quality and surface finish can be achieved, and the overall precision and consistency of parts can be improved.


Standard Wire EDM:

Size: 600*350*200mmTolerance:+/-0.05mm

Precision Wire EDM

Size:400*250*250mmTolerance:+/-0.002mmSmall Hole Diameter:0.2mm


When it comes to Wire EDM machining, any conductive material is OK, includingAluminum Brass Copper Molybdenum Titanium TungstenTool Steels Stainless Steel high-performance alloys etc.


Wire EDM machining services are recommended when there is a need to make angled, recessed or intermittent cuts. It also works well with metal parts have different geometries at the top and bottom.Wire EDM services are increasingly used for making prototypes and production parts. Industries that make frequent use of wire EDM machining include automotive, JIG&Fixturers and electronics, EDM process is a ideal choice for medical device manufacturers due to cutting steel ability. In addition, the military and aerospace industries also rely on Wire EDM manufacturing to produce parts for essential equipment.
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