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Custom CNC Aluminum Parts

Custom CNC Aluminum Parts

Welcome to Zhongken Machinery!

Since its establishment, Dalian Zhongken Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the processing of precision machinery parts, mold parts processing, casting, sheet metal parts processing and export. Over the years, it has been providing overseas customers with high-precision processing parts and high-quality services, deeply trusted and supported by overseas customers.

Mechanical parts, machining parts, CNC machining parts, high-precision machining parts, precision metal machining parts, metal machining parts, molds and die parts, customized machining parts, etc.Mainly used in semiconductor equipment, packaging machine, printer, packaging equipment, motor vehicle parts, medical equipment, food machinery, automation equipment, etc.

The zhongken machinery since its inception has been with the development of times, is committed to providing customers with high quality, low price, short period of product, to meet customer demand for the purpose of continuing to provide customers with satisfactory products and quality service, the zhongken of mechanical members look forward to serve you and establish long-term stable cooperation.


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