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1Tokyo Office

Tokyo Office

In order to better match and serve customers, Zhongken Machinery set up an office in Tokyo, Japan in 2019. Currently, there are four staff members, one Japanese and three Chinese colleagues.

2Advanced processing equipment

Advanced Processing Equipment

Zhongken Machinery has DMG 5-axis machining center, turning and milling compound machine, optical grinding machine and other advanced processing equipment, and a number of three axis machining center, CNC lathe, grinding machine, milling machine, Sadik wire cutting, EDM machine, cylindrical grinding machine and other dozens of processing equipment. At Metal Cutting Corporation, we are precision metal cutting specialists, manufacturing burr-free tight tolerance parts from all metals. We provide the precision required by medical device, electronic, automotive, biotechnology, semiconductor, aerospace, fiber optic, electrical, and many other diverse industries that demand perfection.

3One-stop Service

A number of cooperative factories provide customers with one-stop service

In the process of international trade, many foreign customers are not very familiar with the Chinese market.In addition to mechanical processing, our company can also entrust a lot of professional work.Since March 2019, due to the outstanding business of our company in China, we have established the Zhongreclamation Consortium.Domestic products from parts of the design to assembly, as well as sheet metal, stamping, casting, welding, surface treatment, dissolved plastic mold, various molds and industrial products, set up hundreds of excellent management enterprises.Distribution in domestic Dalian, Shandong, Shenyang, Shanghai and other areas.All processes by the Zhongken agent.Quotation of products, quality confirmation, final inspection and packaging are all operated by our company directly.Export through our company's international business window, customs clearance and transportation are also operated by our company.The guests have no need to worry about every link, to provide customers with a full range of services.Clients don't have to travel geographically for a single business.Through Zhongken and Zhongken Consortium, can provide customers with a wider range of services.So far, the consortium for more than 30 customers have successfully provided satisfactory services, various businesses are carried out smoothly, the consortium is also growing.We also believe that in the future, Zhongken machinery can provide more foreign customers with quality services.We also hope that more Chinese enterprises can establish international business, develop together and give back to society.

4Strict quality management

Strict Quality Management

Production drawings are the drawings used by our company in processing and testing. All sizes must be tested in full, and the test data should be recorded and filled on the production drawings.Inspectors must sign for confirmation after passing the test, and the test results of production drawings will be archived in the company for more than three years.The test report is divided into three forms: 1 drawing test report, 2 three-dimensional test report and 3 form test report are all reports issued according to the actual test results of the production drawings.Among them, the three coordinate test report and the form test report are the special test reports issued according to the special requirements of some customers.The drawing test report, three coordinate test report and form test report will be sent to the customer together with the product.

5Complete import and export

Complete import and export customs clearance procedures (air, sea)

The reclamation machine has complete import and export qualifications, in recent years to Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Germany and other customers to provide quality precision machining services, we and the DHL, OCS, FEDEX, TNT, SF, Or "according to customers' requirement with stable relations of cooperation, no matter by air Or by sea, can according to customer demand for processing

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