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Precision mechanical parts

Precision mechanical parts

Main high precision parts processing services, to provide customers with better services, from product casting, sheet metal, stamping, welding, surface treatment, heat treatment one-stop service.For a case, the customer can not find a place to process, we will fully meet the customer's requirements.

Commodity application field of automation equipment parts, auto production line equipment accessories, medical equipment accessories, packaging industry equipment accessories, food processing machinery spare parts, handling equipment parts, engine parts, power electronics equipment accessories, led production line equipment accessories, car battery production line equipment accessories, agricultural machinery parts, household appliances accessories, audio equipment parts, compressor spare parts, accessories required for nuclear power generation equipment, and special industrial products of all kinds of production line equipment accessories, etc.

The main equipment is: CNC machining center, four axis machining, five axis machining, CNC lathe, grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, inner hole grinding machine, discharge equipment, line cutting, laser lettering, laser cutting machine, and other processing equipment.In addition, the system can be used to enrich the inspection equipment and professional inspectors for high-precision inspection.It is equipped with Japanese precision tool microscope, high lift gauge, 000 level marble platform, bolt gauge, thread gauge and other inspection instruments to carry out a comprehensive inspection of parts and components.

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  • Aluminum CNC Machined Parts: Why Do You Need Them?
    Aluminum CNC Machined Parts: Why Do You Need Them?
    Aluminum is one of the most successful commercial metals in human history. The material has been used to make durable and lightweight parts in industries such as aerospace, military and defense, and other industries. This article discusses some interesting things about aluminum CNC machined parts.
  • What Should I Do if the Aluminum Parts Are Easily Deformed During CNC Machining?
    What Should I Do if the Aluminum Parts Are Easily Deformed During CNC Machining?
    There are many reasons for the deformation of aluminum alloy parts, so in the process of processing, measures to reduce the deformation are particularly important. The following article talks about some measures to prevent the easy deformation of aluminum parts during CNC machining.
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