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cnc precision machining parts Machinery manufacturing and supporting industries exposition

cnc precision machining parts Machinery manufacturing and supporting industries exposition

Issue Time:2021-01-06

IME Wen Zhi will be hosted by the Chinese pen industry association, hangzhou pen sea frolic in the advertisement exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou would like to undertake more advertising co., LTD.Predecessor is China hunan exposition, hangzhou stationery show the mechanical design and components ME Wen Zhi will, dominated by technology, innovation and quality, is committed to the connection of science and technology and industry, stationery industry cooperation between fu platform. Exhibits include intelligent equipment, spare parts, high and new technology, form a complete set of processing, printing and packaging, raw materials and so on each link, include raw materials, key parts, advanced manufacturing equipment and链接入口

The exhibition overviewWith the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national strategic emerging industry development planning ", "made in China 2025",Made "smart" as one of national key development object, intelligent manufacture equipment including represented by machine tool manufacturing industry, the basis of has become one of important link. Precision machining industry in China is facing an unprecedented development opportunities and more than half of users are widespread and deep structural adjustment and upgrading, it is a rare opportunity for precision machining manufacturer.Under the impetus of the new technology revolution, to promote the development of intelligent equipment factory, comply with the demand of the market, "IEMP2020 China international exhibition on precision machining" will be on May 13, 2020-15, was held at the national convention center (Shanghai hongqiao). To build intelligent ecosystem for upstream and downstream industry and interdisciplinary cooperation and exchanges to provide opportunity.CIROS2020 will held the 9th China international robot exhibition, iFes China international exhibition on intelligent factory equipment and solutions, gathered more than 1000 intelligent manufacturing enterprises, provide enterprises with more communication and cooperation opportunities, get more high-end professional display platform.At present, precision machining industry, unit, filling machines to the machine, a single company cannot * * to support the whole project. On the downstream manufacturing complete sets of line equipped with increasing demand.Now more and more enterprise users need the project solution, manufacturers need to cross-border integration, common development. According to the need of the user enterprise, specific areas to collaborative innovation and cooperation, create a cross-border integration of new mode of industry, promote the development of the industry.Based on this, the integration of resources, provide exhibition space, the high quality buyers, orders and factors of the technology needed to support projects. For users and companies and partners, quite, can provide a platform *.

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