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New test Equipment-three-dimension testing equipment

New test Equipment-three-dimension testing equipment

Issue Time:2020-12-29
New test Equipment-three-dimension testing equipment
In June 2020, we purchased a new three-dimension testing equipment made in Germany, which can detect parts of 1500*1000*800 with detection accuracy of 0.002. With the expansion of the company and increase of the product demand, our company has injected significant capital into import many sets of advanced equipment,in order to meet customer demand better and guarantee the product quality and delivery time better
Bai, widely used in automobile, electron, zhi du machinery, steam car, aviation, war industry, mold the dao zhuan, etc in the box, frame, shu CAM, worm gear, worm, gear, blade, curve and curved surface measurement, metal, plastic and other industries, can be the workpiece size, shape, form and position tolerances of precision detection, so as to complete parts inspection, such as shape measurement, process control task.

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