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6S Management System precision cnc machining suppliers

6S Management System precision cnc machining suppliers

Issue Time:2020-07-21

The Content of 6S Management System:

1S: SEIRI--Remove all unnecessary items; utilize all space flexibly; create refreshing working environment.

2S: SEITON—place essential items on set position and mark them accordingly meanwhile, so as to develop a comfortable working environment for staffs.

3S: SEISO-- Clean all invisible and visible corners with keeping stabilizing the quality of products and decreasing industrial pollution.

4S: SEIKETSU- Clean Producing environment and maintain 3S above

5S: SHITSUKE-Cultivate with good habit; follow regulation and discipline; create team work spirit

6S: Safety- Reinforce security education, work on the premise of safety.

(1) Improve corporate image: Clean and tidy working environment can attract customers and enhance confidence;

(2) Reduce waste: Due to the random placement of debris on the site, there is no place to pile up other things, which is a waste of space.

(3) Improve efficiency: Having a good working environment can make you feel happy;Things placed in order, can improve work efficiency, reduce handling operations.

(4) Quality assurance: Once employees develop the habit of doing things seriously and rigorously, the repair rate of their products will be greatly reduced and product quality will be improved.

(5) Safety guarantee: Keep the passageway unblocked and employees develop the habit of being serious and responsible, which will reduce production and non-production accidents.

(6) Improve equipment life: Timely cleaning, spot inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment can extend the life of the equipment.

(7) Cost reduction: Completing 6 S can reduce leakage and handling, so as to reduce costs.


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